Top Career-Oriented Distance Learning Courses in India

In today’s highly competitive era, everyone is striving to achieve excellence, make good professional networks and earn adequate work experience. Multi-tasking has become a common trait in almost every individual. Along with earning, most of them are focused on continuous learning too. Perpetual improvement and learning along with the upgradation of your skills will lead you to higher-paying jobs and in turn a better standard of living. Moreover, it will give you an edge over your competitors. It will help you to gain a lot more self-confidence and personality enhancement.

So, in order to keep up with the growing competition, many colleges and universities are providing certain career-oriented distance learning courses in India, which not only helps in the upgradation of your skills but it also helps you earn a degree which is a prerequisite to earn jobs in the top companies around the globe. Distance learning courses benefit you in a number of ways both personally as well as professionally. It is an apt choice for you as it facilitates specialized learning, at your own pace which is both cost-effective and time-saving in nature.  

The various distance courses provided by different institutions can be listed as follows:

Let’s Discuss the Best Career-Oriented Distance Programmes:

1. Distance Learning MBA

MBA is an outstanding way to elevate your career and acquire new in-demand job-ready skill set. However, there are many people who cannot afford to spend hefty amounts of money for acquiring such a degree, while some may not be able to attend college because of certain family obligations. There is a single solution to all these problems. You can now pursue a distance learning MBA course through a reputed college or university. 

As per the reports by Technavio, the whole lot of  MBA graduates will experience an increment of USD 2.28 billion between the years 2021 and 2025 in India. Moreover, the fees for these courses are quite minimal but the packages they offer are pretty amazing. 

The average salary offered by various institutes ranges between INR 5-6 lacs per annum. 

2. Distance Learning BA LLB

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business Legislative Law is an undergraduate 5-year course, which can be followed after your +2. This course gives a deeper understanding of legal convictions, rules, rights, laws, and principles along with a thorough study of various subjects such as economy, polity, psychology, sociology, and more.

Many of you must be preparing for certain civil examinations which require certain degrees and certifications for being eligible. As such, BA LLB degree earned in distance mode can come in handy and make you eligible for such examinations.

It offers a decent average salary of around INR 5-6 lac p.a.

3. Distance Learning BBA

This program aims at delivering the set of skills required in the field of management and business administration. A thorough practical and theoretical knowledge of the business world helps you gain the confidence of handling situations in the real business world.

Distance learning BBA i.e. Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the finest undergraduate programs for individuals who want to earn while studying. After, studying distance BBA a vast number of job opportunities are waiting for you, such as account manager, banker, administrator, trainer, employee/human resources banker.

This distance learning course can provide you with an initial average salary of around INR 2-5 lacs p.a.

4. Distance Learning BCA

In the present dynamic era, technology and computers are ruling the world. The IT industry is the fastest-growing industry in the world. According to research, the IT sector has grown from $200 billion in 2020 to $250 billion in 2021. Candidates who are willing to study Computer Applications have a golden opportunity to make a fortune in this field.

Distance Learning BCA is an ideal undergraduate course for such students who have completed their 12th but still want to have a job for improving their hard skills. The curriculum of the course includes a deeper understanding of computer languages such as python, thorough knowledge of machine learning, artificial intelligence, program analytics, and many more. Moreover, you have many job opportunities in both private and government institutions with different designations such as software engineering, software developer, PHP developer, data analyst, and many others.

The average salary offered to the freshers in the domain is around INR 3-4 lacs p.a.

5. Distance Learning MA

Many of us are ready to work after graduation but still wish to have a postgraduate degree, and that has been made possible through the various distance learning courses in Humanities offered by different recognized colleges and universities. They aim to deliver the full course such that students are able to understand each and every aspect of the curriculum. Many top recruiters hire students after their post-graduation, at promising designations such as teachers, web consultants, web content writers, and certain alike.

The fees of this course are quite affordable, that is, 13K-28K p.a.

6. Distance Learning BA

Distance learning B. A (Bachelor of Arts) is a 3-year long online learning course that deals with various disciplines such as Psychology, History, Economics, Public Administration, and many alike. Some of the popular job roles include business development manager, graphic designer, operations team leader, HR manager, and many more. Moreover, you need not spend much on such courses as they have a minimal fee. 

The programme can get you average salary of around INR 2-4 lac p.a.

7. Distance Learning MCom

After completion of your undergraduate program in Commerce, most of you get decent jobs relating to your disciplines. Most companies offer lucrative packages to BCom graduates and train them in order to yield the best results from them. A postgraduate degree will definitely add a great amount of value to your career.

Therefore, distance mode for pursuing MCom is the apt way to continue your further study along with extensive training in your field and good exposure to the business world. The distance learning course allows you to study at your own pace, with a specialized course designed to cater to your needs.

With a masters in hand, you can get internal promotions with decent salary raises.


Distance learning courses are gaining popularity all around the nation. Both students as well as working professionals are quite impressed by such courses and a large lot of such population is even pursuing these courses. Distance learning in disciplines such as MBA, BCA, BA, MCom, etc. will not only help you with thorough theoretical knowledge but would also be able to gain practical experience. So, what are you guys waiting for? Buckle up as you don’t need to compromise on your education anymore.

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