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MBA in HR from Distance Learning

Colleges | Scope | Courses | Eligibility | Admission

Key Highlights of MBA in HR from Distance Learning

“What is the most valuable asset of your organisation?”

Ask this question to a founder of an organisation, big or small. In a non-existent parallel universe, they might immediately fetch the organisation’s balance sheet from the accounts department and spend a few minutes perusing the assets side of the balance sheet. “Machinery!,” they might conclude after a close examination. 

However, that is pointless fiction because the answer in this universe will need no thinking and will always be human resources. Clearly, the management of human resources is quintessential, the reason why an MBA degree in HR from distance learning is in vogue, particularly now. 

A distance learning MBA degree in human resources (HR) is a postgraduate course that teaches you how human resources are hired, nurtured, and retained in an organisation. Human resources are considered the ‘building blocks’ of an organisation. Human resource management is responsible for carving the ‘building blocks’ for a strongly integrated organisation and an MBA degree in human resources from distance learning offers you the skills to do just that!

Why Distance MBA in HR?

We can write sonnets in praise of distance MBA in HR, and, clearly, we have not said enough. Let us illustrate why someone with the slightest inclination for human resource management should doubtlessly go for this online programme:

  1. You learn fine People Skills:  Why is Human Resources Department called what it is called? Simply, because it is responsible for the management of human resources. When you do what Human Resources Department is doing, which skill is pivotal for your role? People skills, right?
    Your online MBA degree in HR Management teaches you these key skills to connect with employees, motivate them, listen to them, and make the work environment a wholesome experience for them. It readies you to strike a trade-off between the professional goals of an employee and that of an organisation.

  2. You will have Fancy Opportunities to Turn Down: An MBA degree in HR Management from distance learning opens up a new door of opportunities, and not just any ordinary door, of opportunities. You can don the fancy roles of Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Generalist, Employee Relations Manager, and Talent Acquisition Manager. Scroll down through this blog and you will get further details on these roles. A distance learning MBA degree in Human Resource Management is evidence enough that you are skilled to manage work that involves closer engagement with people. 

  3. You learn to Lead: Every employee wishes to move up the pyramid of Maslow’s hierarch of needs and reach the peak of self-actualisation. We don’t know any person who wants to stay motionless, or rather, roll down the pyramid. Only a good leader can ensure that an employee is evolving professionally and personally in an organisation and reaching closer to the peak. 
    An online MBA degree in HR Management profuse you with adequate leadership and managerial skills.  With such skills, you not only hire human resources. You take responsibility to challenge, develop and empower them. 

  4. You will land a Stable Job:  With a distance learning MBA degree in HR Management, no organisation could even think to lose you. That is beyond any shred of doubt. Organisations will always need skilled personnel in their human resource department who create a fulfilling work eco-system.  Such skills are especially in demand in the current scenario when the corporate sector is grappling with ‘Great Resignation’ and ‘Quiet Quitting’. The human resource department can provide an adequate cushion to an organisation against these blows of the pandemic. 

  5. You will Dive Deep into Organisational Psychology: As a student of an MBA in Human Resource Management from distance learning, you will learn to develop an insight into the culture of an organisation, beyond its chains of command and departmental divisions. As a part of the human resource department, your work will be to create an organisational culture that is inclusive and respectful of individual cultural beliefs. This is particularly important in times when the corporate world is transgressing the boundaries of culture.

Eligibility Criteria for Distance MBA in HR

The points stated below will give you a fundamental idea of the eligibility criteria for an MBA in human resource management from distance learning:

  1. Graduation: For admission into a distance MBA in human resource management, a candidate has to have earned a bachelor’s degree in any field with a minimum of 50 percent marks in aggregate from a recognised university. Some educational institutions may accept any other equivalent degree that has been offered recognition from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). 

  2. Entrance Exam: Some educational organisations may make it mandatory for a candidate to have acquired a minimum score in state-conducted aptitude tests such as XAT, CAT, GMAT, CMAT, MAT, etc. However, it is not a mandatory criterion as most educational organisations accept candidates who have not cleared or attended any entrance exam. 

  3. Prior Professional Experience: There are some educational institutions that state that a candidate must have a specified duration of work experience to be eligible to apply. However, if interested candidates is having above 50% marks in graduation, they do not require to have any work experience.

You can check out the detailed eligibility of an educational institution at our website.

Subjects of MBA in HR from Distance Learning

An MBA in human resources from distance learning is a two-year course. The first year of the course puts emphasis on a basic understanding of the multiple aspects of management. The second year mainly focuses on equipping students with skillsets and knowledge pertaining to the management of human resources.

The following table describes the syllabus of an MBA in human resources from distance learning:

SEMESTER-1 Semester - 2
Management Theory and Practice Business Communication
Organisational Behaviour Essentials of HRM
Business Economics Business Law
Information Systems for Management Strategic Management
Financial Accounting and Analysis Operations Management
Marketing Management Decision Science
SEMESTER-3 Semester - 4
Performance Management System Employee Development & Talent Management
Industrial Relations & Labour Laws International HR Practices
Organisational Theory Structure and Design Strategic HRM
Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection Business Ethics, Governance & Risk
Organisation Culture Research Methodology
Compensation & Benefits Project

The syllabus for each educational institution may slightly differ, depending upon a number of factors. The University Grants Commission (UGC) bestows autonomy upon certain educational institutions to design and modify their own syllabus for various courses. 

The key subjects that are taught in an online MBA in human resource management:

  1. Employee Relationship Management: The subject of employee relationship management apprises a student with the ways to maintain cordial relationships between employees and the organisation. The subject informs students of various reasons for conflict between employees and the organisation.

  2. HR Audit: The subject HR Audit informs students of the ways to align HR policies and systems with the organisational goals and objectives. 

  3. Strategic Human Resource Management: Strategic Human Resource Management lays out the process to build strategies to design human resource policies that are congruent with the vision of the senior management of an organisation. 

  4. Industrial Relations & Labour Laws: The subject of Industrial Relations & Labour Laws depicts the legal arena that deals with the management of human resources. The subject covers multiple Indian legislations that aim to uplift the working conditions in the public as well as private sectors. 

  5. Performance Management and Appraisal: The subject of performance management and appraisal informs students of the process to design a performance evaluation method and/or choose a suitable one from the existing methods. The subject also teaches students to manage the performance of its employee in a way that suits both the organisation and the employees.

Course Duration for MBA in HR from Distance Learning

The course duration for a distance learning MBA in human resources is a minimum of two years. Many educational institutions may extend the duration up to four years if the need arises.

Fee Structure of MBA in HR from Distance Learning 2023

The educational organisations might differ when it comes to the fee charged by them for an online MBA degree in HR Management. The average fee charged by an educational organisation is INR 1,63,000, while it can vary from INR 60,000 to INR 2,60,000.

For the convenience of the students, an educational organisation may give its students options to pay fees in lumpsum or through zero-cost installments. Also, in order to help its students financially, many prominent organisations provide the option to avail of loans.

Admission Process for Distance MBA in HR

To take admission to MBA in Human Resource Management through distance learning mode, a candidate has to begin with the application process. The application process can be laid out in online and/or offline formats. Whether in an online or offline format, the candidate has to fill out the application form and submit it along with copies of the mandatory documents and the application fee. A list of shortlisted students will be created. The selected students will go through verification of documents, email ID & mobile number.

The following documents will have to be submitted for the purpose of verification:

  • Academics documents
  • Government ID proof
  • Work Experience
  • Passport size photographs

After the successful verification of the documents, the selected students have to pay the admission fee via varied modes of payment.

Career Opportunities After MBA in HR Management

It was for a reason that we sang in praises of distance MBA in HR. The degree opens up a vast ocean of opportunities before you. We aren’t capable enough to define the whole ocean. But, for you, we bring below a summarised description of a few of the job roles that this degree opens up:

Human Resource Manager Responsible for the daily workings of the human resource department, including recruitment, induction, salary administration, leaves, etc.
Human Resource Advisor DAdvises HR Manager on recruitment and retention of employees. Also, responsible for framing better company policies.
Talent Acquisition Manager Strategise the HR hiring process to enable the selection of better employees for the organisation. Also, conducts campus drives and manages to hire through social media platforms.
Employee Relations Manager Responsible for creating compliance for policies that create a positive work environment. Also, acts as a linkage between employees and the organisation.
Technical Recruiter Designs framework for hiring employees for technical jobs. Conducts interviews for technical job positions.
HR Operations Manager Gives mandatory approvals for budgets of the Human Resource department. Also, monitors internal HR systems for smooth business.

As aforementioned, the online MBA in marketing opens many doors of opportunities for you and offers the chance to work in dynamic job profiles in reputed organisations. The salary estimates for various job positions will obviously differ, but here is the near average of the salary given against the respective job titles:

JOB ROLE Average Annual Salary
Human Resource Manager ₹ 9 Lacs
Human Resource Advisor ₹ 6.5 Lacs
Talent Acquisition Manager ₹ 11 Lacs
Employee Relations Manager ₹ 9.5 Lacs
Technical Recruiter ₹ 4.15 Lacs
HR Operations Manager ₹ 11 Lacs

(Source: Glassdoor)

Benefits of MBA in HR from Distance Learning

We all, specifically the working professionals, will be always obliged to Sir Isaac Pitman. He was the person who unknowingly laid the foundation of distance education in the whole world. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be reaping the benefits of distance learning. With advanced technology emerging, distance education has undergone a metamorphosis. The modern framework of distance education is inclusive of the needs of people and a distance learning MBA in HR Management is a product of it.

The benefits of an MBA degree in HR Management from distance learning are listed below:

  1. ‘Twice the Comfort’: In the noted debate of “Hard work vs. Smart work”, if you stand by the latter, then distance learning MBA in HR Management is for you. A distance MBA degree neither asks you to wake up by 7 in the morning nor put you in a dilemma where you have to choose between work and education. Rather, it looks after your convenience and makes sure that you learn the principles of human resource management from the comforts of your home and phone. You can even study via online lectures while you are on an expedition to the mountains. But we definitely won’t recommend that. But what we will highly recommend is a distance MBA degree in Human Resource Management because many universities permit their students to take proctored examinations whenever they feel ready. 

  2. ‘Get More, Spend Less’: An MBA degree in Human Resource Management is a valuable degree. We are not just talking about the huge paychecks that you are going to earn, but also the sky-high fees charged in the regular mode. However, an MBA degree in Human Resource Management from distance learning helps you to dodge high fees while keeping the paychecks. Not just the paychecks, but also the savings on conveyance and accommodation costs.  If you are a working professional, you save your salary too which you would have to give up in the regular mode of education. 

  3. ‘Build Your Network in No Time’:‘Networking is working.’ We are no one to refute this statement of Dennis Morrison. The more your network is heterogenous, the better. After all, a wide, diverse network will compel you to unlearn and learn. You will surpass yourself, professionally and otherwise.  Now, there is very less probability that you will build diverse networks in regular learning. A distance learning MBA in HR Management is a much better choice for that purpose as it will connect you to people of varied geographies and cultures. 

  4. ‘Making Easy to Learn’: Are you someone who dislikes studying? Are you confused about whether to do an MBA in Human Resource Management or not, because it involves a lot of studying? Then, you must stop worrying at once as a distance learning MBA in HR Management has come to your rescue. Distance and online modes of education have come up with dynamic pedagogical tools that make the process of learning very engaging. There are audio-video lectures, break-out rooms, discussion forums on social media, and learning management systems, to make the process of distance learning intriguing. 

  5. Regular Equals Distance:  If this thought has ever navigated your mind that the quality of a distance MBA degree is far less than the regular MBA degree, then you are not alone. This is a classic perception of distance education. In order to iron out your worries, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has recently published a notification that the distance and online degrees are at par with the degrees earned through regular mode. The notification has been also released keeping in consideration the effect of the pandemic on the domain of higher education.

Top Distance MBA in HR Colleges in India

We have already talked about the scope of distance learning MBA in Human Resource Management in detail. Let us have a look at the educational organisations that are offering an MBA in Human Resource Management through distance and online learning. The table given below lists the top educational organisations with their respective fees:

College/ University Name Course Fees
NMIMS Global Acces School for Continuing Education ₹ 1,68,000
Online Manipal ₹ 2,60,000
Indira Gandhi National Open University ₹ 62,300
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning ₹ 70,000
Amity University Online ₹ 2,53,000

Online MBA in HR vs Full Time

If you are still confused between online/distance MBA in Human Resource Management and regular MBA in Human Resource Management, we are there for you. We bring to you a comparative analysis in the table below to help you come to an informed decision:

Online/Distance MBA in HR Regular MBA in HR
The average fee for a distance/online MBA degree in HR is INR 1,63,000 The average fee for a regular MBA degree in HR is INR 11 Lacs.
Audio-video lectures, e-material, learning management system Face-to-face lectures
Networking opportunities with college alumni; and peers present during online classes globally. Networking opportunities with college seniors, alumni & juniors
Flexible study and exam schedule Rigid study and exam schedule
Rare in-person interaction Regular in-person interaction


Course Name Distance MBA in HR
Course Type Master’s Programme
Duration 2 Years (Minimum) - 4 Years (Maximum)
Mode of Learning ODL Mode (Open and Distance Learning)
Fee Structure Fee varies as per the institute. However, the average fee is INR 1,63,000 for the complete course.
Average Salary Offered 8.5 Lacs per annum. However, it varies in accordance with the job role, organisation, place, etc.
Employment Roles Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Advisor, Talent Acquisition Manager, Employee Relations Manager, Technical Recruiter, HR Operations Manager
Examination Method Both Online and Offline, depending upon the University.

Top Distance MBA Colleges in India

Online MBA in HR (FAQs)

The minimum course duration of a distance MBA in HR is two years, which can be extended to four years. 

A distance MBA in HR opens an array of job roles to select from. A student with an MBA degree in Human Resource Management from distance learning or online mode can become a Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Advisor, Human Resource Generalist, Talent Acquisition Manager, Employee Relations Manager, Technical Recruiter, and Human Resource Operations Manager.

An MBA in HR from online/ distance learning mode has a wide scope career-wise. A postgraduate with MBA can get a job role of HR Generalist, HR Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager, and Employee Relations Manager.

The average salary for an MBA in HR Management is 8.5 Lacs per annum. However, the salary can range from INR 4 Lacs to INR 11 Lacs. 

A distance MBA graduate in Human Resource Management can earn an average salary of 8.5 lacs per annum. They can work in the human resource department as managers, generalists, technical recruiters, and operations managers. 

A distance MBA in Human Resources is not at all difficult. The first year focuses on the fundamentals of management, while the second year puts emphasis on key subjects of human resource management. 

Yes, you can definitely pursue an MBA in HR without an entrance exam. While some educational organisations have made entrance exams mandatory in regular mode, it is not the case in the distance/online mode of learning. Anyone can do MBA in HR through distance learning/online mode without an entrance exam.

Yes, an MBA in Human Resource Management is worth doing as it helps a student to inculcate crucial people and leadership skills. Anyone looking for job expansion or change can also go for it. 

No, an MBA is not mandatory for the role of the HR manager. Anyone with the required skills can be selected for the job. However, an MBA degree in Human Resource Management will offer you the necessary skillset and acumen for working in the human resource department. 

Yes, an online MBA in HR is a worthwhile option. It supplies students with valuable knowledge and skills to land a job in the human resource department of an organisation. 

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