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Online MBA in Leadership

Colleges | Scope | Courses | Eligibility | Admission

What is an online MBA in Leadership?

There is a difference between Albus Dumbledore and Miranda Priestly. We know that you know who we are talking about – Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter series and Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada movie. There is a stark difference between them. Any wild guesses? There will be plenty of them, we admit. If you stay to the point, you will notice that both were leaders. However, Priestly repelled people and Dumbledore inspired loyalty and is the archetype of a true leader. You need not mess up like Priestly did because you can enroll in an online MBA degree in Leadership and successfully turn into Dumbledore.

To be a Dumbedore, we need to first know what an online MBA programme in Leadership is. An online MBA programme in Leadership and Management is a two-year postgraduate course that is designed for anyone who wants to assume a leadership role professionally down the line. A general MBA degree focuses more on mainstream subjects, such as Finance, Marketing, and Human resources. But an MBA degree in Leadership thrives to impart insightful knowledge pertaining to leadership.

An MBA programme in Leadership via distance learning mode has been designed specifically for working professionals. Without having to give up their jobs, they can learn the critical skills of decision-making, strategic thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. With these skills, becoming a good leader is not at all tough. Mark our words!

Why pursue an online MBA in Leadership?

When choosing a specialization for your MBA degree, why not go for leadership? After all, it is one of the finest specializations when it comes to an MBA degree as it provides the perks that any other specialization won’t be able to deliver. The reasons stated below answer why an Online MBA degree in Leadership will prove to be a differentiating factor for your career:

  1. Imparts Diverse, Competent Skillset: What do you expect from an online MBA degree in Leadership? Skills? Yes, it will adorn you with adept leadership and managerial skills. Through a practical curricular framework, it will impart the crucial abilities to guide and motivate others. You will learn to empower yourself and others as a leader.
    An online MBA programme in Leadership trains you at solving problems and arriving at constructive and informed decisions. Through skill development classes and case studies, the programme attempts to help its students with developing the acuity to manage the people and resources of an organisation.  

  2. Offers Purposeful Mentorship: Want to open an online apparel store where you could sell meaningful merchandise? But you do not know how to start? Do not worry! Simply, enroll yourself in a distance MBA degree in Leadership and get what you need. 
    The programme provides dedicated mentorship from competent professors and industry leaders. It provides you with a clear idea about the dynamics of running a business. Through their prior experience, you get to learn and avoid mistakes that someone without an internship is inclined to make. 

  3. Provides Career Evolution:  With top-notch leadership and managerial skills, you will not only turn into a better leader, but will also be able to claim first-rate managerial positions in esteemed organisations. Organisations demand better leaders to empower their employees and foster a healthy organisational work culture. 
    If your position levels up, so will your salary! With an online MBA in leadership, you will be offered hands-on practical experience through its academic curriculum and case study learning methods. The learning curriculum helps in evolving you professionally and otherwise.

  4. Open Doors of Opportunities:  An distance MBA is a professional degree that gives you the liberty to change your career path, regardless of your educational background. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can pursue an MBA program and evolve professionally. 
    The MBA program trains you holistically and develops your personality to fit into any role. An MBA in leadership programme online enables you to lay claim over any job role of your desire as it empowers you with industry skills and increases your employability.

Eligibility Criteria for Online MBA Programme in Leadership

The eligibility criteria for an online MBA In leadership differ from one institute to the other. But we present to you a fundamental standard that is present in all the institutions:

  1. Graduation: To be eligible for admission into an Online MBA in Leadership, you must have completed your graduation in any field from a recognized university with a minimum of 50 per cent marks in aggregate. 

  2. Entrance Exam: A candidate need not clear any entrance exam. However, some educational organisations may demand that a candidate need to have at least scored passing marks in entrance exams for management, such as CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, GMAT, etc. 

  3. Prior Work Experience: Some organisations may require that a candidate should have at least a stipulated duration of work experience to be eligible for admission to an online MBA degree in Leadership. 

Admission Process for online MBA in Leadership

For admission to a distance MBA degree in Leadership, a candidate has to first complete an application process. Firstly, the candidate must fill out the application form. The application form can be available in both online as well as offline formats. The filled-out application form is submitted along with the mandatory list of documents and requisite fees.
After the application process is completed, a list of shortlisted candidates will be prepared. The shortlisted candidates will have to complete the admission procedure including verification of documents, and payment of fees.

  • Academics documents
  • Government ID proof
  • Work Experience 
  • Passport size photographs

Upon the successful verification of all the documents, the students are shortlisted and are eligible for admission. They are then required to pay the fees to complete the admission process.

Syllabus & Subjects for online MBA in Leadership 2023

The MBA leadership course is of two years duration and is divided into four semesters. The first year of the programme details the fundamentals of the management arena. In the second year, the students are taken into the depths of the leadership aspect of management. Besides a well-designed curriculum, the course consists of various internships and project work.

The table below summarises the syllabus of an Online MBA programme in leadership:

SEMESTER-1 Semester - 2
Principles of Economics and Markets Entrepreneurship
Managerial Effectiveness and Ethics Marketing Management and Research
Accounting and Finance Digital Transformation
Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management Competitive Strategy
Quantitative Techniques and Analytics Strategic Problem Solving
SEMESTER-3 Semester - 4
Business Environment and Strategy Strategic Management
Operations Management Global Strategy
Strategic Project Management Executive Leadership
Leadership, Strategy and People Management Change Management
Negotiation Cross-Functional Elective Course
Open Elective Course Mater Thesis / Project

The key subjects that are taught in an online MBA programme in Leadership are discussed briefly below: 

  1. Strategic Management: The subject of Strategic Management teaches you techniques to manage projects and daily working of an organisation in alignment with its long-term vision and goals. 

  2. Operations Management: The subject of Operations management gets into the details of how an organisation handles its business operations which includes planning, procuring, production, distribution and delivery of products and services. 

  3. Change Management: Change management subject delves into various approaches that an organisation takes to help the easy assimilation of employees to a major change in its goals and vision. The subject explores various techniques to regulate and manage any organisational change.

Benefits of Online MBA in Leadership

Online learning has been playing a pivotal role in education these days. Its significance has particularly increased in the arena of higher education. Working professionals are looking for opportunities to upgrade. Online education offers them what they need without quitting their job. An online MBA programme in Leadership empowers you with an end number of benefits which are discussed below:

  1. UGC Recognition: Do you think that your Online MBA has far less value when compared to your friend’s regular MBA degree? If yes, then you are mistaken. Times have changed as the University Grants Commission (UGC) has officially stated in its recent notification that an online MBA programme in Leadership is as valuable as its regular counterpart. 
    So, iron out your worries as you are on the same pedestal as your friend when it comes to your employability as your MBA degree bears the same weight if the mode of education is concerned. 

  2. Flexibility:  Are you going to mail your resignation letter because doing a regular MBA degree in leadership is not possible with your packed work schedule? Then, you are absolutely right. It is not at all possible. But, wait a second. Do not send your resignation mail as you have the option to pursue your MBA degree in Leadership online. 
    Online learning mode gives you an opportunity to learn at your own pace and place. Online learning provides you with the flexibility that you are seeking to be able to foster the right balance between work and study. It offers you an option to schedule your exam when you feel prepared. 

  3. Cost-Effective.  Obviously, when it comes to the present value of future returns, an MBA degree is an attractive opportunity. However, its cost can be a huge financial burden for you in case you are doing or thinking of doing an MBA degree through regular education. In the case of online learning, such is not the case. 
    Online learning is affordable when compared to regular modes of learning. Also, it helps you save up a huge amount on hostel and conveyance. Not only that, you can pay your fees via your salary in zero-cost instalments. Many universities also offer their students loans to pay off their fees.

Jobs & Salaries of online MBA in Leadership

To be able to achieve goals, a direction is mandatory. Without it, the future of an organisation is uncertain. Only a true leader can pave the way for their employees in the right direction with motivation and guidance. With an online MBA degree in leadership, you can be that effective leader, that an organisation needs, and fulfill esteemed job roles.

The table below gives a preview of the diverse job opportunities that an online MBA in leadership can avail:

Investment Analyst Collects and analyses data regarding the financial health of an organisation. Also, develops an understanding of the data to offer financial advice to the management.
Finance Controller Responsible for making sure that the organisation complies with the set accounting standards and relevant financial legislation.
Human Resources Manager Acts as a link between employees and the organisation. Responsible for the planning and development of employees, keeping in consideration the organisational goals and objectives.
Business Analyst Devise strategies to make the operations of an organisation cost-effective. Evaluates data for an insightful understanding of the business.
Business Consultant Provides assistance to clients to execute their projects or address problems in an organisation. Works on behalf of client organisations in the realm of marketing, finance, human resources, etc.
jOB ROLE Average Annual Salary
Finance Controller ₹ 21 Lacs
Human Resources Manager ₹ 8.5 Lacs
Business Analyst ₹ 8 Lacs
Business Consultant ₹ 12 Lacs
Investment Analyst ₹ 10 Lacs
(Source: Glassdoor & Online Manipal)

Popular Colleges for Online MBA in Leadership

College/ University Name Course Fees
Jain University Online ₹ 1,40,000
Amity University Online ₹ 2,50,000

You can check out other universities on our website in detail.


Course Name Online MBA in Leadership
Course Type Master’s Programme
Duration 2 Years (Minimum) - 4 Years (Maximum)
Mode of Learning ODL Mode (Open and Distance Learning)
Average Salary Offered 12 Lacs per annum. However, it varies in accordance with the job role, organization, place, etc.
Employment Roles Investment Analyst, Business Consultant, Human Resources Manager, Business Analyst, Finance Controller
Examination Method Both Online and Offline, depending upon the university.

Top Distance MBA Colleges in India

Online MBA in Leadership (FAQs)

The course duration of an MBA in leadership online is a minimum of two years which can be extended up to four years. 

An MBA in leadership is not a very difficult degree. A part of the first year of the degree involves the study of fundamental courses that are relevant to all specializations. With the practical application of the learnings, it feels comparatively easy compared to other post-graduation courses.

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