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Tracing its roots back to the mid-nineteenth century, Mumbai University is an age-old, premium state university. The university spearheads the Department of Innovation, Incubation and Linkages which provides young entrepreneurs with legal, financial and networking resources to efficiently execute their ideas. For world-class education, the university has received the top-most grade of ‘A++’ from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). 

Dating back to the year 1971-72, Mumbai University’s Directorate of Distance Education has been renamed the Institute of Distance and Open Learning. The institute offers multi-disciplinary education in printed as well as digital forms. Adorned with an extensive library, the institute provides needful counselling to students via Personal Contact Programmes (PCPs) and otherwise. The institute’s audio-video centre and its exclusive Youtube channel provide engaging learning material to students to deepen their understanding. The institute has received approval from the Distance Education Bureau (DEB). 


The Institute of Distance Learning has received mandatory approval from the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of the University Grants Commission (UGC). The approval from the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) guarantees the credibility of a distance learning degree. 

Generally, the students are solely responsible for their academic performance, when it comes to distance education. However, to assist students in achieving bigger academic goals, the Institute of Distance and Open Learning at Mumbai University conducts Personal Contact Programmes for a stipulated time for various programmes. The students can get into personal interaction with subject experts and clear their queries. 

The Institute of Distance and Open Learning has an audio-video centre stocked up with well-framed audio and video resources on various topics covered in the curriculum. A student enrolled in distance education can watch these audio and video lectures at the centre as a reference and in addition to the printed self-instructed material. 

The institute has a full-fledged library for the sole use of the students enrolled in distance learning mode. The library supplies students with ample resources in the form of books and journals for the benefit of the students, who want to have an extensive understanding of their subject area. 

In order to help a student to cope with the stress involved in distance education, academic or otherwise, the Institute of Distance and Open Learning offers adequate counselling to students. The counselling is delivered by skillful teachers at any time during the duration of the course.

The institute provides students with loads of study material and archives of question papers for every course. A student can download the resources from the institute’s website anywhere. Also, anyone, other than the student of the institute, can download the resources and further their knowledge and understanding. 

The Institute of Distance and Open Learning has a dedicated channel on the Youtube platform where elaborative video lectures are posted on a variety of topics. The video lectures are delivered for expediency and a better understanding of the students. 

In order to help students keep a tab on their academic performance, the institute provides students with Moodle, a learning management system. The students can easily retrieve their course material and receive their assessments via the platform of moodle, without needing to visit the campus.


Course Fee: Rs 3,950/Year
Duration : 3 Years


Course Fee starts at :Rs 3,950/Year
Duration : 3 Years


Course Fee : Rs 17,025/Year
Duration : 3 Years


Course Fee: Rs 6,095/Year
Duration : 2 Years


Course Fee: Rs 6,195 /Year
Duration : 3 Years

PG Diploma

Course Fee : --
Duration : 1 Years


Course Fee starts at: Rs 6,095/Year
Duration : 2 Years


Course Fee: Rs 12,725/Year
Duration : 3 Years


Course Fee :--
Duration : 2 Years

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