Is College Education Important- Top 10 Points

A successful career requires a deep understanding of your field, both in theoretical as well as practical sense. College education not only widens the scope of knowledge but also helps in determining your potential and working upon yourself in order to be more productive as well as efficient. Along with defining your professional career, a college is important because it aids in your overall growth in terms of personal grooming and personality development. A person who has never been to college has fewer opportunities for personality development and thus, might turn out to be less confident. On the other hand, an individual who has attended a college gets enormous opportunities to boost his/ her confidence level.

Reasons Why College Education is Extremely Important

Higher education is immensely important and adds a lot of value to the students’ lives. But in order to reap the sweet fruit, you need to stay updated with the latest happenings in your field and grab every opportunity for developing relevant skills. Thus, college education is not only about getting good grades and receiving a degree. It is also about exploring your interests and talents, and continuously working on refining them so that you can get an edge in your career.


Here are some major points emphasising the importance of college education:

1. Diversified Learning

Colleges have started to adopt blended learning methods for imparting education in a more effective manner. They now use a perfect mix of theoretical knowledge and practical teaching pedagogy to ensure that you get a deeper understanding of the course. Therefore, today most of the top companies prefer recruiting students from colleges that offer industry integration and case-based learning methodology. This is because of the fact that these students have a good understanding of their roles and they know how to overcome the challenges they might be facing.

2. Large Scope of Development

Higher education provides a huge ground for development to you as you will gain extensive exposure through various activities taking place in the college. Be it a cultural fest or a management event, your participation in all the curricular activities along with studies would help you to realise your full potential in the world. This would accelerate your overall growth and development. Moreover, certain value-added courses such as data handling, ethical courses in various fields, stock market courses upgrade the resume of the candidate and can assist you in bagging a distinct position in the line of candidates.

3. Makes You a Responsible Citizen of the Country

A well-qualified person will obviously be more aware of his rights and responsibilities towards the nation. Therefore, college education is very important as it helps you understand and fulfil your responsibilities towards the country, and contribute more towards the goal of nation-building.

4. Learning Before Doing

University curriculum, as we know, is a blend of both practical as well as theoretical knowledge. This helps in widening the knowledge base of a student. In most of the courses, a student may experiment with various real-life situations in their syllabi, in terms of case studies, role plays, internships, etc. which help them to learn a lot before actually entering into a job they have been dreaming of. Apart from this experiential learning, they also strengthen their set of skills.

5. Personal Growth and Development

In college, you will come across a plethora of opportunities that help in your personal as well as professional growth. You get a chance to participate in various workshops, seminars, fests and other extra mural activities that boost your confidence and develop relevant soft skills. Furthermore, you get a chance to engage in direct conversation with industry experts as most colleges have a dedicated Corporate Resource Centre. Also, colleges organise various guest lectures where seasoned professionals and academic experts share valuable insights from the industrial world.

6. Lucrative Job Offers

Most of the colleges and universities provide campus placement opportunities wherein top companies visit the campus and recruit students. These companies offer handsome packages along with innumerable perks and benefits. A top MNC would always want a candidate who is well-versed in the knowledge of the domain and possesses adequate skills for the job. Therefore, university education not only helps you widen your knowledge base but also provides you with ample opportunities for a bright future. Furthermore, the placement assistance and career counselling sessions provided by the colleges will help you improve your application and get an edge in the selection process.

7. Great Exposure

Most of the colleges and universities have entered into collaboration with various industries as well as international universities. This helps you gain hands-on experience and real-time insights from the industrial world. The international tie-ups also help you gain global exposure and develop cultural sensitivity. Furthermore, various activities and events taking place at the campus will help you explore new opportunities, meet new people, make everlasting connections and gather a lot of memories.

8. Skill Development

University education enhances your problem-solving abilities by creating an environment where you are required to implement your knowledge. It also helps you enhance your critical thinking abilities by presenting you the chance to understand and analyse different situations in your respective courses. Studies have revealed that a person having 50% critical thinking skills will have around 72% critical thinking abilities after four years. Thus, college helps you evolve intellectually. Moreover, the colleges provide various soft skill training courses to inculcate various skills such as leadership, coordination, team building etc. which will help you to carve your own path.

9. Condition You to Drive Innovation

Colleges provide the right environment and ample opportunities to condition your mind for innovative and creative thinking. This will help you to come up with many original ideas. Furthermore, most colleges have dedicated Innovation & Entrepreneurship Cells which will provide you with all the required resources and support so that you can bring those ideas to life.

10. Self Satisfaction 

A lucrative job, good educational qualifications and a sense of security will provide internal satisfaction to you. You will be content in your life, which will help you to perform better at your workplace and yield desired results.


Going to college adds a lot of value to a person’s life. It not only helps you grow professionally but also provides ample opportunities for personal grooming. Furthermore, colleges provide you with the right environment to evolve into a more intellectual and innovative individual. All this helps you create a bright future for yourself as well as helps you contribute towards the betterment of society, and the overall cause of nation-building.

Today, the government has also been promoting the importance of college education by launching different schemes and programmes, such as National Scholarships, schemes for Apprenticeship training etc.

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