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Ahmedabad University was established in 2009 by the Ahmedabad Education Society to promote liberal and research based education. Over the years, the university has taken learning beyond classrooms by fostering an environment that focuses on experiential learning and innovative thinking. The university facilitates 360 degree development of students through cross-disciplinary linkages. The university has left no stone unturned to bring the best learning opportunities to students. It has an advanced Learning Management System, fully furnished libraries, a Centre for Learning Futures and many more such futuristic learning initiatives.

In order to ensure a wholesome learning experience and provide global exposure, the university has established the Office of International Affairs. The office has entered into many fruitful collaborations with renowned international universities such as University of Ferrara, Italy; University of Valladolid, Spain; University of California, USA; Stanford University, USA; etc. Furthermore, the university has a well-equipped Career Development Centre to ensure the best career opportunities for students. The centre provides students with necessary guidance to make them industry-ready. Some of the top companies of India such as Nestle, Amul, MRF, etc. visit the university campus every year for recruitment.


The Centre for Learning Futures is a unique initiative of the Ahmedabad University that designs and executes teaching and learning initiatives such as courses in academic reading and writing, workshops, pedagogic experiments and many other such initiatives for project-based learning.

Ahmedabad University believes in fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among students. To facilitate the same, it has set up the VentureStudio which is a startup incubation centre. The centre is in collaboration with Stanford University Design School and offers to students a vibrant ecosystem to build, launch and scale their business.

The Career Development Centre provides students with necessary support and resources so as to enable them to explore, discover, develop and pursue their career goals while also working on personal development. It makes students industry-ready.

To provide students with a vibrant ecosystem to develop an innovative mindset and provide them with a platform to execute their extraordinary ideas, the university has established various research centres such as the International Centre for Space and Cosmology, Global Centre for Environment and Energy,  Centre for Inter-Asian Research, Centre for Heritage Management, etc.

The Office of the Dean of Students organises various student activities so as to promote physical and mental well-being of students. Furthermore, the Wellness vertical of the office offers free consultation for physical and mental health. Moreover, the  Office has come up with a “Circle of Care” initiative that helps new students assimilate into the university. 

Ahmedabad University ensures holistic development of students. To provide a wholesome learning environment to students, the university has introduced many clubs and associations such as Dance Club, Design Club, Entrepreneurs’ Club, Environment Club, Film Appreciation Club, Fine Arts Club, Fitness Club, etc.

The Office of International Affairs has entered into many beneficial relationships with international universities. It ensures global exposure for students by facilitating Joint Research, Exchange Programmes, Study Abroad Programmes, Joint Conferences, Workshops, etc.

BA (Honors)

Course Fee : Rs 1,65,000 /Semester
Duration : 03 years

BBA (Honors)

Course Fee : Rs 1,65,000 /Semester
Duration : 03 years


Course Fee : Rs 1,65,000 /Semester
Duration : 03 years

B.Com. (Professional)

Course Fee : Rs 1,65,000 /Semester
Duration : 03 years

B.Sc. (Honors)

Course Fee : Rs 1,65,000 /Semester
Duration : 03 years

B. Tech.

Course Fee : Rs.86,500 / Semester
Duration : 04 Years


Course Fee : Rs.76,000 / Semester
Duration : 02 years


Course Fee : Rs 5,00,000 (Complete course)
Duration : 02 Years

Master of Management Studies

Course Fee : Rs.1,75,000 (Complete Course)
Duration : 02 Years

M. Tech

Course Fee : Rs.1,73,000 (Complete Course)
Duration : 02 years


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