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Online MBA in Operations Management

Colleges | Scope | Courses | Eligibility | Admission

What is an MBA in Operations Management through Distance Learning?

Didn’t we all feel exulted when Shruti and Bittu successfully carried out the very first project of ‘Shadi Mubaarak’ in the tight lanes of Janakpuri? We did, bread pakore ki kasam! Deploying a college band for the wedding, and hiring a newcomer for catering  – Shruti and Bittu arranged a magnificent wedding strictly according to their client’s modest budget and gave us a peep into the dynamics of operations management. So critical are these dynamics for the business that expert knowledge of operations becomes quintessential to an organisation. An MBA degree in Operations Management from distance education provides you with precisely that!

Shruti was methodical. Bittu was creative. Had Shruti and Bittu obtained an online MBA degree in Operations Management, they would not have split up and messed up their operations. Nevertheless, they learned and joined hands again and ‘Shadi Mubarak’ lived happily ever after. The moral of this story is that you must pursue an MBA in Operations Management distance learning if you have an affinity for business and do not want to commit blunders as Shruti and Bittu did. 

MBA in Operations Management distance learning is a postgraduate course that teaches you how to carry out the conversion of inputs into value-added outputs in the most cost-effective manner possible. The objective is simple – to maximise the profits of an organisation along with optimisation of customer satisfaction. You will learn every single thing from procurement and production to distribution and delivery and possess a process outlook to achieve the long-term goals of an organisation. With an online MBA degree in Operations Management, you will obtain an in-demand skillset that has the power to transform you professionally.

Why Pursue an MBA in Operation Management Through Distance Learning?

If Shruti and Bittu have failed to convince you to get yourself enrolled in an Online MBA degree in Operations Management, then what would? The points given below might:

  1. Get Extensively Skilled:  As a part of operations management, your goal will always be to make all the operational processes efficient and in congruence with the vision of the organisation. Naturally, an MBA degree in Operations Management will do everything possible to equip you with a fine knowledge of vendor management, operations research, quality management, logistics, and whatnot! 
    With an online MBA degree in Operations Management, you will look at the operational domain through a detailed as well as a general lens which will be a valuable addition to the strategic strength of a business. 

  2. Become a Universal Fit:  No, not at all. How can you even think that any business organisation in the world can survive without proper management of its operations? There is none that we can think of. Every business organisation, whether it sells goods or services, needs proficient management of its operations to survive and thrive. 
    Moreover, with evolutionary changes taking place all over, domain of operations is demanding immediate attention from the management. (We are about to discuss it in some detail after some time.) If you have an MBA degree in Operations Management through distance education, you will be a priceless catch for any and every industry. 

  3. Expand (or Revamp) Your Business:  You may be running a business and you might be doing it for years. With the increase in digitalisation and competition, you may feel an urgent need to revamp your business. It can also be that you may see an opportunity and desire to expand in the coming years. In any given scenario, an MBA education in Operations Management is the only right choice you can make. 
    After all, an online MBA in Operations Management will inform you of the latest data analytics software to help you manage your big data better. You will learn about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms to keep an eagle eye on the performances of employees and other company processes. An MBA degree in Operations Management will only benefit you. Nothing less than that!

Scope for an MBA Degree in Operations Management

We are one hundred percent certain that Shruti and Bittu would have been forced to remodel their operations during and after ‘The Ungreat Pandemic’. Every business had to and, in fact, still is putting every last effort to make their operations immune to any more shocks and disruptions. To do so, businesses hopelessly need professionals who possess strategic know-how in operations management. Who, better than an MBA graduate in Operations Management from distance learning, can that be?

We will discuss in detail below the factors that have put a spotlight on operations and have illuminated the reason why an online MBA degree in Operations Management is the best career choice in current times:

  1. Regionalisation of Operations:  When nearly the whole world had been under the shackles of the pandemic, how can the globally-integrated business operations take place? No chance! Businesses have noticed this giant loophole in their logistics and operations framework and are taking steps to plug it. 

    Businesses have to deploy regional players to make their operations efficient and strong. They are also looking forward to outsourcing their production to third parties to have better control over their stocks. In order to execute these significant changes into the operational framework of their organisations, businesses can do no better without having a creamy layer of distance MBA graduates in Operations Management on board.

  2. Digitalisation of Operations: Technological evolution is not new and definitely not a product of the pandemic, although the process has been propelled after the pandemic. In order to make their production cost-effective and supply chain coherent, businesses are digitalising their operations, or planning to do so. Why would they not, when technological upgradation can increase their productivity growth on yearly basis by around as high as 1 percent (as stated by the McKinsey Global Institute report of 2021)? 

    Businesses can use ultra-modern applications to make sense of hordes of data and design products and experiences that satisfy their customers. With competent human resources leading the operations department, businesses can speedily upgrade their operations and achieve an edge in tight competition. 

  3. Humanisation of Operations: Human resources are critical to operations and, in that case, for business. Undoubtedly, they have been affected the most by the pandemic. Work-from-home has become the new normal, and so has digitalisation.

    To adjust to the new normal, businesses have to rebuild an operations model that is synergic in nature. The model should incorporate the dire need to upgrade the skill set of their employees to accommodate their development with that of the organisation. This is possible if and only if people with a strong knowledge base of operations are managing the business. 

  4. Ecologisation of Operations: Today, consumers are not just digital-savvy. They are eco-conscious too and make sure that they invest in products and services that are sustainably produced. The wave of green consumerism has driven businesses to ecologise their operations and become socially responsible. 

    Sustainable production, green storage, and eco-friendly delivery are ways businesses are integrating eco-friendliness into their operational framework. In order to develop a model that is earth-friendly, businesses need leadership with acuity to do so. With an online MBA in Operations Management, you can be a valuable addition to the leadership. 

Eligibility Criteria for an Online MBA Degree in Operations Management

After the aforementioned discussion, we are completely sure that you are eager to take admission to an MBA in Operations Management distance learning. We totally empathise with you and present to you a basic idea of the eligibility criteria for admission to an MBA degree in Operations Management:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree: You have to have cleared graduation in any field from any recognised university with a minimum of 50 percent marks. If not, then you must have earned an equivalent degree that has been recognised by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), again with a minimum of 50 percent marks in aggregate. 

  2. Entrance Tests: Almost no university would say that you must have cleared an entrance exam for the management arena. However, there can be some universities that may state that you need to obtain a passing score in the state-conducted entrance tests, such as CAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT, and MAT. 

  3. Work Experience: A university may assert that you have a stipulated duration of prior work experience before you apply for admission to an MBA degree in Operations Management through distance learning. However, work experience can be mandatory in cases where you have scored less than 50 percent marks in aggregate in your graduation.

Admission Process for an Online MBA Degree in Operations Management

If you are eligible, then what are you waiting for? Simply, get admission to an online MBA degree in Operations Management. The universities have a very simple and streamlined process for the purpose of admission. You have to fill out an application form and submit it along with copies of the necessary documents and an application fee. The application form can be available online or in an offline format.

The universities will prepare a list of shortlisted candidates for admission to the MBA degree in Operations Management through distance learning mode. If your name appears on the list, you will have to complete the further documentation formalities. You will need to submit the documents for the purpose of verification. The following documents given below have to be submitted for the admission process:

  • Academics documents
  • Government ID proof
  • Work experience 
  • Passport size photographs

After the successful verification of documents, you have to pay the admission fees. The fees can be accepted online or through an offline mode of payment.

Syllabus for Online MBA Degree in Operations Management

Let us move ahead with what you will learn in an Online MBA degree in Operations Management. Your MBA degree will be of a minimum of two years duration. The duration can be extended to four years if any such need arises. The first year will inform you everything about the arena of management. In the second year, you will specifically learn about operations management in theory as well as practice.

Given below gives you an idea of the syllabus that will be taught in an MBA degree in Operations Management from distance learning:

SEMESTER-1 Semester - 2
Management Theory and Practice Business Communication
Organisational Behaviour Essentials of HRM
Business Economics Business Law
Information Systems for Management Strategic Management
Financial Accounting and Analysis Operations Management
Marketing Management Decision Science
SEMESTER-3 Semester - 4
Operations & Supply Chain Strategies World Class Operations
Enterprise Resource Planning New Product Development and Managing Innovation
Total Quality Management Lean Six Sigma
Project Management Business: Ethics, Governance & Risk
Procurement Management Research Methodology
Service Operations Management Project

As already specified, this is a very general idea of how the syllabus of an MBA degree in Operations Management will look like. The syllabus for the programme will slightly or significantly vary as the University Grants Commission (UGC) offers autonomy to the universities to make amendments to the syllabus according to their needs.

Online MBA Degree in Operations Management Fees

It is quite obvious that the fees for an Online MBA degree in Operations Management will be different for every university. However, the average fee across all universities is INR 1,60,000 and it may range between INR 60,000 and INR 2,60,000.

You can pay fees in lumpsum or in no-cost installments. Some universities may provide you with loan assistance, in case you need financial help. You can choose to pay your fees monthly, semester-wise, or annually, whichever option suits you.

Jobs for Online MBA Degree in Operations Management

We have already talked in elaborate about the wide scope that an MBA degree in Operations Management through distance mode of education has today. The table below lists the diverse job roles that you get to choose from after you earn a distance MBA degree in Operations Management:

Operations Manager Strategises the entire operation process in alignment with the goals of the organisation. Responsible for maintaining the quality of the products/services of the organisation and the productivity of employees.
Operations Research Analyst Responsible for collecting and evaluating data with respect to the operations of the organisation and providing insightful information to the management to make better production decisions.
Quality Manager Devises methods for proper evaluation of the quality of production and makes sure that the production process complies with the existing quality standards of the organisation.
Inventory Control Manager Responsible for making records for inventory management. Evaluates the inventory on regular basis to make an informed decision regarding stocking. Address the discrepancies in inventory records, if any.
Purchasing Manager Design the purchase plans for the organisation with respect to its vision and execute the purchasing process accordingly. Responsible for negotiating profitable contracts with suppliers and maintaining cordial relationships with them.
Logistics Manager Responsible for the seamless movement of resources and products from the procurement stage to the stage of delivery to the end customers. Manages the warehousing of the end products of the organisation.

Salary for an Online MBA Degree in Operations Management

Your MBA degree in Operations Management will automatically raise your salary potential to another level. The table below is adequate proof to prove our point:

JOB ROLE Average Annual Salary
Operations Manager ₹ 10 Lacs
Operations Research Analyst ₹ 16 Lacs
Quality Manager ₹ 11 Lacs
Inventory Control Manager ₹ 7.2 Lacs
Purchasing Manager ₹ 10 Lacs
Logistics Manager ₹ 8.7 Lacs

Top Colleges for MBA Degree in Operations Management in Distance Learning

Many top-rate universities of India provides an MBA degree in Operations Management through distance learning mode. They will, for sure differ, in many domains with respect to the MBA programme in Operations Management. You can go through them in detail on our website.

Given below is the list of universities that offer an Online MBA degree in Operations Management:

College/ University Name Course Fees
NMIMS Global Acces School for Continuing Education ₹ 1,68,000
Online Manipal ₹ 2,60,000
Amity Directorate of Distance and Online Education ₹ 2,53,000
Indira Gandhi National Open University ₹ 62,300
Lovely Professional University Distance Education ₹ 58,000

You can check out the fees and other details of these universities on our website.


Course Name Distance MBA in Operations Management
Course Type Master’s Programme
Duration 2 Years (Minimum) - 4 Years (Maximum)
Mode of Learning ODL Mode (Open and Distance Learning)
Fee Structure Average course fee is ₹ 1,60,000. However, it varies as per the institute.
Average Salary Offered ₹ 10.5 Lacs per annum. However, it varies in accordance with the job role, organisation, place, etc.
Employment Roles Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, Purchasing Manager, Inventory Control Manager, Operations Research Analyst, Quality Manager
Examination Method Both Online and Offline, depending upon the University.

Top Distance MBA Colleges in India

MBA Degree in Operations Management from Distance learning (FAQs)

The minimum course duration for an online MBA degree in Operations Management is two years. It can be extended up to four years if there is any such need. 

Yes, an MBA degree in Operations Management through distance education is completely valid. Moreover, the University Grants Commission (UGC) in its recent notification has stated that the degrees earned through distance and online learning are as valuable as those earned through regular modes of education. 

No, a distance MBA degree in Operations Management is not at all a difficult programme. The programme elaboratively focuses on multiple domains of management in the first year, while it discusses the dynamics of operations management in detail in the second year. With consistent efforts, an MBA degree in Operations Management through distance learning mode can be easily earned. 

Yes, an online MBA in Operations Management is a valuable degree, especially in the current times when businesses are paying heightened attention to strengthening their operations. Anyone with an Online MBA degree in Operations Management on the resume can bag lucrative job roles such as operations manager, logistics manager, operations research analyst, etc, and boost their careers. 

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