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Established in the year 1993, Academy of Maritime Education and Training is the first university in India that focuses on imparting maritime education. It helps encourage students to establish a career in the merchant navy. It is India’s only university to be a member of the International Association of Maritime Universities. The Deemed-to-be-University not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also research, training and other related development activities. 

The university is the host to thousands of international students. It works in close alliance with the global shipping industry and has numerous ties with eminent international organisations such as AP Moller Maesk, Goodwood, Vships, Mallems etc. It offers a Higher National Diploma in the field of maritime engineering with special emphasis on research and training. AMET Business School graduates have secured top positions in the good shipping companies of the world. It has various training programs for the students to instil the values of leadership, develop communication skills as well as technical skills. Additionally, the university has introduced two research centres in the field of Nautical Sciences for the students to explore beyond academics. 


The university has an on-campus ship called the Jewel of Amet. Students of the school of Maritime Studies have the opportunity to get hands-on experience of nautical engineering with the help of the ship. The ship has a real time Engine Room and Bridge Simulator for the students. 

The programme enables the student to get support and mentoring while studying in the university. The mentors share invaluable life experiences and wisdom to the students for their learning and academic growth. The mentors also observe the overall growth of the student and provide them with counselling whenever required.

The university has introduced Educational Materials Resource Development Centre in the years 2013-14 and it facilitates the management of its e-content and other digital learning material. The centre helps the university in the curation of its digital content through the Learning Management System. The media centre has facilities like sound mic, sound card, podium, camcorder, tv screen and much more.

The students of the university can earn an additional minor degree worth 20 credits with their regular course. The minor degree is mentioned in the official degree that the students get after the completion of the course. Through this provision the students get an opportunity to pursue their interest with their respective courses. It adds value to the higher academic degree of a student. 

Under the semester abroad programme of the university, the students spend one semester in a foreign university. It provides excellent global exposure to the students and enhances their skill set as per the global standards. The students also get the platform to interact with international leaders of the maritime industry. 

The University has collaborated with various foreign universities for the students to help them gain global opportunities. City of Glasgow College, South Tyneside College, University of Strathclyde, and University of Plymouth have partnered with the university to facilitate student and faculty exchange programmes. 


Course Fee : Rs 80,000 /Year
Duration : 3 Years


Course Fee Starts at: Rs 1,00,000 /Year
Duration : 4 Years


Course Fee : Rs ---/Year
Duration : 3 Years


Course Fee : Rs ---/Year
Duration : 3 Years


Course Fee: Rs --- /Year
Duration : 3 Years


Course Fee : Rs ---/Year
Duration : 2 Years


Course Fee : Rs ---/Year
Duration : 2 Years


Course Fee starts at: Rs --- /Year
Duration : 2 Years


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