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Established in the year 2008, Sri Sai Correspondence College is aimed at bridging the distance between people and their favourite institutions. They realise that distance education is the means to achieve that. Therefore, they are continuously working towards ensuring that distance education gets the same recognition, value, and status as regular degrees. They are continuously working towards establishing themselves as India’s smartest college gateway, blending knowledge-seeking with technology, innovation, and credibility. 

The institute presents a one-stop solution for those students who are looking to pursue courses in Distance Education. They also focus on online and digital modes of education. One of the biggest advantages of pursuing a degree with Sri Sai Correspondence College is that it offers the users with a customized educational experience. This means that students get a personalized experience on the basis of their educational background and career interests. This allows them to make more informed career decisions. 


Sri Sai correspondence College offers study material to all the enrolled students online, without any charges. The college admission services are known for providing a smooth and hassle-free customer experience.

The college offers free consultancy services to the students. It also offers free counselling and guidance sessions completely free of cost at each step of the academic process.


What makes Sri Sai Correspondence college stand out is the extraordinary practical file assistance services that they provide to the students. The practical file support is available both online as well as offline and is completely free of cost. 

The best thing about taking admission in the Sri Sai Correspondence College is the fact that there is a single point of contact where you can get all your doubts and queries resolved. This will save you a lot of time and confusion.

BA (Kuvempu University )

Course Fee: Rs. 18,000/year
Duration : 03 Years


Course Fee: Rs. 8,750/year
Duration : 02 Years

M.Sc. Psychology

Course Fee: Rs. 18,800/year
Duration : 02 Years

MCA (AICTE Approved)

Course Fee : Rs. 30,000/year
Duration : 02 Years


Course Fee : Rs.18,000/year
Duration : 02 Years

M.A. Economics

Course Fee : 15,000/Year
Duration : 02 Years


Course Fee : Rs. 30,000/year
Duration : 03 Years


Course Fee : Rs. 30,000/ Year
Duration : 03 Years


Course Fee : Rs. 15,000/ Year
Duration : 03 Years

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