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Uttarakhand Open University, Nainital


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The Uttrakhand Open University is a distinguished public university. Founded in 2005, the university endeavours to foster the skilled development of human resources, especially those belonging to the distressed sections of society. Through its 14 distinct schools, the university offers comprehensive education at various levels of qualification. Endowed with a huge network of regional centres and study centres, the university provides adequate scholarly and administrative services to its students. The university has been given stipulated regulation by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of the University Grants Commission.

Other than offering self-learning material in print as well as electronic format, the university makes use of creative tools of pedagogy, such as audio-video resources and lecture notes. Furthermore, the university has a placement cell that assures a guaranteed job for every student as soon as they complete their education. Its illustrious Alumni Cell works towards nurturing useful networks amongst its alumni for their sustainable career growth. 


The Uttrakhand Open University has framed and set up an elaborate network of institutions to deliver distance education to the remotest corners of Uttrakhand. There are 122 study centres, supervised by the regional centres of the university. The study centres provide assistance to the students, academic and otherwise, without them travelling long distances to the main university campus. 

Other than offering self-instructed material in print format, the Uttrakhand Open University gives free access to its e-resources for all of its programmes. The learning material is well-structured and can be availed by anyone who wants to simply learn. The digital resources also include archived question papers which the students can use to determine their strengths and ameliorate their performance. 

To make distance learning convenient and accessible for students, the university has instituted an Open Educational Resources (OER) portal. The portal is a one-stop destination for e-resources and other open educational resources). A student can log in and access the resources from anywhere and anytime. 

To provide learning that is more interactive and engaging, the Uttrakhand Open University provides its course material in audio as well as video forms. The audio and video lectures, delivered by adept faculty, are broadcasted online through EDUSAT. The students can access them irrespective of where they are located. The University also provides detailed lecture notes to assist students to comprehend the lecture better. 

The Uttrakhand Open University has an efficient placement cell. The placement cell is responsible for assisting students to land lucrative jobs. The placement cell acts as a link between the students and the recruiters and holds the responsibility that a student gets placed in the job of his/her/their potential and liking. 

To aid students to foster gainful professional networks, the Uttrakhand Open University has established an Alumni Cell. The cell encourages the alumni of the university to connect and exchange information and opportunities to connect amongst themselves for future career evolution. 


Course Fee :Rs 4,050/Annum
Duration :3 Years

Course Fee :Rs 4,050/Annum
Duration :3 Years


Course Fee :Rs 5,150/Annum
Duration : 3 Years


Fee starts at: Rs 5,250/Annum
Duration : 3 Years


Course Fee :Rs 7,750 /Annum
Duration :3 Years


Course Fee :Rs 3,450/Annum
Duration :4 Years


Course Fee :Rs 7,150/Annum
Duration : 2 Years

B.Ed (Spl Ed.)

Course Fee : Rs 10,500/Annum
Duration : 2.5 Years


Course Fee :Rs 4,550/Annum
Duration :1 Years


Course Fee :Rs 3,150/Annum
Duration :2 Years


Course Fee :Rs 5,150/Annum
Duration : 2 Years


Course Fee : Rs 6,650/Annum
Duration : 2 Years


Course Fee :Rs 4,150/Annum
Duration :2 Years


Course Fee :Rs 11,650/Annum
Duration :2 Years


Course Fee :Rs 2,900/Annum
Duration : 2 Years


Course Fee: Rs 11,650/Annum
Duration : 2 Years


Course Fee :Rs 11,650/Annum
Duration :2 Years


Fee starts at:Rs 2,250/Annum
Duration :1 Years


Course Fee :Rs 2,250
Duration : 1 Years

Certificate Course

Fee starts at: Rs 2,750
Duration : 6 Months


Course Fee :Rs 2,550
Duration :6 Months

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