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Amity University, Noida


A+ / 42








Established in the year 2003, Amity University is India’s top ranked non-profit private university with more than 1000 acres of campuses.  The university is accredited by India’s statutory bodies such as UGC and AICTE. These accreditations testify the university’s academics and infrastructural innovations. It is also a member of AIU and ACU which validates its commitment towards achieving the highest standards in education and bringing international opportunities to students. Additionally, it is Asia’s only non-profit university that is accredited by WASC. 

Amity university has an outstanding campus with hi-tech technology. It is a multidisciplinary university that has a special focus on research. The university offers students corporate training, personality development special classes along with skill based education and has also collaborated with India’s top companies for placement drives. To give global exposure to the students, the university has collaborated with various foreign universities such as RMIT University, The University of Western Australia, Deakin University, Nottingham Trent University, Lancaster university and many more for global study programs. 


Amity University puts a lot of emphasis on personality development. Special workshops are organised on corporate etiquette, negotiating techniques, and effective communication to aid students in their personal grooming. Leadership, collaboration, and analytical abilities are also part of these classes. 

Amity University has participated in various national and international events and won with flying colours. The students have been a part of Formula 1 races and designed the cars as well. In a prestigious competition, organised by IIM Ahmedabad, Amity was named the victorious team. There are several other countless events where the university has become victorious.

Amity University is India’s first university to have launched their mobile app “Amizone” to assist the students. This portal consists of easy access to parents about their child’s performance, access to digital library and online journals, recorded classes, inbuilt suggestions/complaint box and many more student-friendly facilities.

The university has collaborated with LinkedIn to help students land jobs and internships. It also helps the students to establish a good social media presence. The LinkedIn guides help them to learn more about the platform and how to make the best out of it.

The university works rigorously to help and promote social awareness. Hence, it has initiated various programs and drives such as Amity Humanity Foundation, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Community Development through Women Empowerment-SWAYAM SIDDHA and much more. 


Course Fee starts at : 97,500 (For Non Sponsored) 1,46,000 (For Sponsored) /Semester
Duration : 04 years


Course Fee starts at : Rs.28,000 (For Non Sponsored) 42,000(For Sponsored) / Semester
Duration : 04 Years


Course Fee : Rs.1,39,500 (For Non Sponsored) 2,09,500 (For Sponsored) / Semester
Duration : 05 Years


Course Fee : 84,000 (For Non Sponsored) 1,26,000 (For Sponsored) / Semester
Duration : 03 years

BCom LLB Hons

Course Fee : Rs.1,54,000 (For Non Sponsored) 2,31,000 (For Sponsored) / Semester
Duration : 05 Years


Course Fee starts at : Rs.80,000 (For Non Sponsored) 1,20,000 (For Sponsored) / Semester
Duration : 04 Years


Course Fee : Rs52,000 (For Non Sponsored) 79,000/ Semester
Duration : 03 years

BA (Hons)

Course Fee starts at : Rs. 40,000 (For Non Sponsored) 60,000 (For Non Sponsored) / Semester
Duration : 03 Years


Course Fee starts at: Rs.27,000 (For Non Sponsored) 40,500 (For Sponsored) /Semester
Duration : 02 Years

M Arch

Course Fee Starts at : Rs 80,000 (For Non Sponsored) 1,20,000 (For Sponsored) /Semester
Duration : 02 years


Course Fee starts at : Rs1,78,500 (For Non Sponsored) 2,68, 000 (For Sponsored) / Semester
Duration : 02 Years


Course Fee starts at: Rs.52,500 (For Non Sponsored) 79,000 (For Sponsored) /Semester
Duration : 02 Years


Course Fee Starts at : Rs 69,000 (For Non Sponsored) 1,03,500 (For Sponsored) /Semester
Duration : 02 years

PG Diploma

Course Fee Starts at : Rs 51,000 (For Non Sponsored) 76,500 (For Sponsored) / Semester
Duration : 01 Years


Course Fee : Rs.61,000 (For Non Sponsored) 91,500 (For Sponsored) / Semester
Duration : 02 Years


Course Fee : Rs 68,500 (For Non Sponsored) 1,03,000 (For Sponsored) /Year
Duration : 02 years


Course Fee : Rs.61,000 (For Non Sponsored) 91,500 (For Sponsored) /Semester
Duration : 02 years


Course Fee : Rs.65,000 (For Non Sponsored) 97,500 (For Sponsored) / Semester
Duration : 01 Years

LLB Hons

Course Fee : Rs. 1,36,500 (For Non Sponsored) 2,05,000 (For Sponsored) / Semester
Duration : 03 Years


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